5 Tips to Build Your Online Following

This post is specifically aimed at musicians but can be adapted and used for anyone who needs to build an online presence. The key to achieving longevity in your chosen field is to engage with your audience and here are five tips on how to achieve this.

Share content…a lot.

Creating good content is important but in order for it to be noticed, it needs to be shared…a lot. How many times is a lot? At least eight times is the optimum number for content to be seen and acted upon. Don’t share all at the same time, play around with the days and times you post. Take note which days and times get the most response and ensure you post at those times in future.

Interact with audience

When you post, make sure you hang around on your chosen social media app and interact with those who engage with those posts. Reply to their comments, thank them for liking / retweeting, return the favour when they follow you, invite them to sign up to your list. Just be careful to not do this too quickly though – nothing is guaranteed to put people off faster than being seen as too ‘salesy’.


For further interaction, ensure that you always have something to ‘giveaway’ to your audience. Ideally, it won’t be a physical something, but should always be designed to encourage your audience to become more engaged with you. Ideas could include links to unlisted YouTube videos of rehearsals, watch parties, polls to decide the next song you sing, snippets of new songs.

Make Connections

All the above tips are about connecting with an audience and so this fourth tip is to capitalise on those connections. The ultimate aim of making music is to sell your music and, to a certain extent, yourself. Keep this in mind when posting on social media and remember that you are training your audience to follow you, so make sure that they do!


Perseverance is not a glamorous word, being associated with plain old hard work. However, perseverance is the one thing that you will need above all else to succeed in any business, whether it be music or otherwise. There will be plenty of setbacks and wrong turnings but everything is a learning experience and as long as you don’t give up, you’ll succeed.

Keep going with these and soon, it will become a habit that pays off – give it a go!

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